Safety tips for your travels and vacation

You should always check your local foreign affairs office in order to receive latest information and updates about the actual safety situation in your country of destination – this way you don’t need to ask yourself is it easy to travel to… It does not matter where are you going to travel, be always at any times aware of your surroundings and belongings. We recommend to scan all important personal documents before leaving home. You can upload these to your email account or a cloud would be the safest way to keep your documents available at any times in case of emergency like a stolen or lost passport. In case this happens you need to contact the next embassy or consulate or your country. You can click here to find your embassy or consulate. In case you carry a smartphone or laptop with you make sure to secure it with a password and maybe even think about installing a cloud backup software which helps you to keep all your files from your smartphone or laptop safe and secure. In case one of your devices gets stolen there are several opportunities to locate your device, lock or even delete your personal content. Make sure to not run into this kind of trouble and think twice if you need to bring your electronics and gadgets with you. But to get a travel health insurance does make sense. Don’t hestitate spending the money to travel without worries. In case you are carrying expensive camera equipment you should consider of getting an insurance for those electronics. Last but not least make sure to not carry all your money in one pocket. There are many ways of getting to your cash in the ages of digital easy nomad style traveling.

Shuanglang | Dali

Shuanglang | Sky Sea

Bangkok | Thailand

Bangkok | Rembrandt Hotel

Portugal | Algarve

Albufeira | Oura

Marokko | Africa

Marokko | Aït Ben Haddou

Chengdu | China

Guangzhou | China

Shanghai | China

Beijing | China

Hainan | China



Manila | Philipines


Mallorca | Spain


New York



Bali | Indonesia

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