Social Travel Principals

In case you are travelling for vacation or holiday you definitely should not avoid to get in touch with the local culture. Usually there is so much tradition and cultural heritage that it might seem overwhelming but don’t hesitate to have some local food and get in touch with the locals. You should try to connect to get a real understanding of the local culture. To wake up early is one of the most important things you can do. If you really want to see and feel the movement and smells of your travel destination – early mornings are best and usually closest to reality. Don’t need to mention the colors of the sky at sunrise. Be humble and social, respect all people around you – it is clever to be generous with time and money, your patience and honesty will come back in great ways. Stay in touch with your family and friends. Keep up the good and convince humanity worldwide with morality and a big smile – it will make you experience your trip in a memorable way.

Shuanglang | Dali

Shuanglang | Sky Sea

Bangkok | Thailand

Bangkok | Rembrandt Hotel

Portugal | Algarve

Albufeira | Oura

Marokko | Africa

Marokko | Aït Ben Haddou

Chengdu | China

Guangzhou | China

Shanghai | China

Beijing | China

Hainan | China



Manila | Philipines


Mallorca | Spain


New York



Bali | Indonesia

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